Valentine's Day Sleepy Dog Kit

For me, there’s always a little stress around Valentine’s Day. I met my wife roughly 33 years ago today, and every year, I want to find the perfect gift to show her just how much I love her. I usually agonize over it for a few days before the holiday, and then I’ll sometimes dash off a drawing or maybe get chocolates or something. Whatever I get, it’s inadequate to demonstrate just how much she means to me, and sometimes (or maybe most of the time), I just give up and… well… I forget to get anything, and I really feel bad. 

In any case, I’m writing this so that you don’t have to go through that agony. I’ve designed a Sleepy Dog card just for Valentine’s Day, and I have three paintings of flowers (well, two of flowers, and one of a prickly succulent - you’ll know which one is for your Valentine) that I think would be lovely gifts. If you purchase one of these prints, I’ll send the blank card with an envelope as well, and you can surprise your loved one with something thoughtful and original. (You'll see an option at checkout.) If your Valentine is far away, I will write whatever you want on the card and send the print anywhere in the USA.

Believe me, you will be the only one of your friends to give your Valentine a Sleepy Dog card!