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Michael James Freedman

Big Rain Roses

Big Rain Roses

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A Rose is a rose is a rose

Just like the faces in many of my portraits, the roses in this painting are much larger than life size, almost 15 inches across. The scale changes how we see the flowers. Rather than delicate blossoms needing protection (under a glass dome, perhaps), these are monumental, even a little scary. The petals feel ponderous, the leaves bend to the ground.

I love a rose in the rain. The dim light makes the colors pop, the leaves so green that they look black.

These rain roses are a few days past their peak, their petals just barely standing up to the heavy drops. I love that perfect moment when you see the sparkle of youth overcome by the vicissitudes of age. (Maybe it's because I'm middle aged.)

A painting for secrets

Roses have been associated with secrets since the ancient Greeks. I tried to imbue this painting with that magic. Put the print in only your most intimate room, where you tell that which the world doesn't need to know.

In terms of secrets, you can see the backs of these roses in the sister painting, Big Back Rain Roses.

The prints are gorgeous

I print these on heavy Hahnemuhle German Etching paper using pigment ink that is rated to last 200 years. The colors are rich and vibrant, just like in the original.

I offer prints in three sizes: 22" x 17", 19" x 13", and 11" x 8.5". There is no border. The 22" x 17" is at the original size, so more authentic. Each print is signed and numbered.

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Customer Reviews

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Mickey Schafer
Eye Candy💕

The Big Rain Roses have not yet been hung -- they are leaning against a wall, waiting until my son moves out and I take over his room for office and crafting space. But the first day I saw these in morning light, I immediately smiled and thought to myself, "Confectionery!" The colors are both full and soft, the water-streaked effect is evocative, and the blue is particularly compelling (as seems to be the case in the Palm Court painting as well). My mother was a great lover of roses, but they are tricky to grow through Florida summers. These two prints give me both the memory of roses and the memory of my mom.