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Michael James Freedman

Sleepy Dog - Study 4 - Gangly

Sleepy Dog - Study 4 - Gangly

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This is Jackson.

He's actually a rare beagle that's skinny. Every morning I take him to the park and throw the ball with him at least 40 times. He's the Michael Jordan of beagle retrievers, diving, slashing, jumping and curling his body to get that ball, no matter what.

I love this painting because you can see that he just woke up from a dream where he was chasing the ball and he's satisfied as only a dog can be.

It's a small painting, with a lot of heart.

The original is 6" x 8", but it really has a lot of energy. This is a great piece for a hallway or somewhere else where you'll come into close contact with it.

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