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Michael James Freedman

Wedding Whisper

Wedding Whisper

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Finally, a moment to ourselves.

For me, getting married was a whirlwind of emotion and community. Family, friends, vows, hottest day ever, congratulations, speeches, all condensed into maybe 1 hour of pure craziness. We had thrown most of the wedding ourselves, and were exhausted by the time we got the first dance, and I remember it seeming like the first time we had been alone for days.

I remember this moment like it was yesterday.

This is part of my time travel paintings, an artist looking back when I should have been painting, but wasn't, though it's hard to imagine actually being able to paint during my wedding. For this work, I feel the reality of 28 years of marriage and kids and love overlaid onto that moment when we actually began to start our lives together.

I think there's something universal about those first few minutes together, when you feel about ready to face the world, but want just a few minutes of peace.

The original gouache painting is 18" x 24".

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