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Michael James Freedman

The Other Side of Jackson

The Other Side of Jackson

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Who knew that Jackson had a good side?

For a project I'm working on I needed a picture of Jackson's right side. I looked through all of my photos and such a picture does not exist. Jackson is kinda like the moon. Without taking extraordinary measures, it's impossible to see his other side.

So I did this test.

I took a camera with me and started taking pictures. When he sees the camera he turns away, and I only see his left side - the craziest thing. Eventually, I had to work with my wife who threw a ball, and I caught him when he set off running to get it. He truly does have a right side.

In this print, you can really see the motion.

He's about to run off, and you can feel it, his body mid lunge. This is as good as it gets for an old dog.

The actual painting is 14" x 20".

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