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Michael James Freedman

St. Sixtus From Raphael - The Sistine Madonna (c 1513-4)

St. Sixtus From Raphael - The Sistine Madonna (c 1513-4)

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This drawing is based on an enormously famous painting by the great Raphael from the sixteenth century that was caused people to enter a stage of religious ecstasy when they first were exposed to it. I looked at the reason why this particular person, who was not yet born at the time of the Madonna and Child, was in the painting, and the reasoning was beyond me, but I love the way in which Raphael captured his spirituality.

This piece is part of my upcoming exhibition – The Faces of CHiPs - What if God lived in Gowanus? – a series of studies and portraits of the people of CHiPs, a soup kitchen/residence that has served my neighborhood for 50 years. All proceeds from sales of paintings and prints will be donated to CHiPs to further their mission.

The original is 17" x 14" pen and ink on Strathmore watercolor paper. 

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