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Michael James Freedman

Portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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This is a portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Born 1933 and died September 18, 2020, she was nominated by Bill Clinton and confirmed in 1993 by a vote of 96 to 3, thus by senators representing 98% of the population of the US (DC excluded).

My goal was to capture some of her personality.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an advocate for gender equality and a trailblazer in many ways, one of the first women at Harvard Law School, and only the second woman on the Supreme Court. But what strikes me from listening to her speak is that she was a strong woman with a disarming sense of humor, who was willing to work with, and befriend, people who she passionately disagreed with.

It's a small painting, but it is vivacious, kind of like RBG.

The original is 10" x 7" gouache on watercolor paper.

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