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Michael James Freedman

Jackson Looking at Me

Jackson Looking at Me

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They say a dog's eyes have evolved to move your heart.

When a dog looks at you, you get the feeling that they want to tell you something. Jackson here is saying, "I know you fed me but, hooman, I'm just still hungee, cause I'm a beagle."

It's cause they look like baby eyes.

Babies and dogs both have oval, almost round, eyes, and they look straight at you, lovingly. It's no accident that the eyes move you. You see a dog like this and you want to protect him. Even the shape of the mouth looks like a smile.

This is a quick sketch, but it really captures him.

Jackson has both a loving and a studious expression. He's hungry, but a little tired; he's waiting expectantly. You can feel it in person and you can feel it in the drawing.

Just don't feed him! He'll never leave you alone. He's a beagle, for Pete's sakes.

The original drawing is 14" x 10".

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