Collection: Dancewave : Reflections

This is a series of drawings and paintings to celebrate the extremely talented young dancers at Dancewave, a Brooklyn non-profit that connects youth dancers with top New York City choreographers. 

Come to the opening in Brooklyn on Saturday, May 7th, 12-1:30 PM.

I made these drawings from repeated observations of the young dancers in practice. The art of dance is transitory, a figment that is gone the moment you see it. The Dancewave dancers are also in a state of becoming, becoming adults, learning how to control their movements, and coming into their own in their craft. 

For me, this was an opportunity to document a work of art as it was being created, to show the relationship between teacher and student, choreographer and troupe, and dancer and audience. 

To capture these youthful dancers in motion, I worked in a free-flowing gestural style to contrast their effervescent talent with the rigorous effort that goes into creating a work like this. 

All proceeds from sales of these pieces go to Dancewave, to support scholarships and help them further their mission.

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