Tidal Landscape - Kennebunkport - Original

Tidal Landscape - Kennebunkport - Original

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I painted this outside over 4 days in a glorious spot

The tides in Kennebunkport, Maine are huge, rising and falling 10 feet from high to low. Lucky for me, the low tide was always at the same time each day, so I could work on this painting over a few days. The tidal flat was mud for about 200 yards, with a small stream of water flowing through it. I saw grass and cattails and lots of ochre rocks.

The light was changing all the time.

One of the challenges in landscape painting is that the colors change so rapidly through the day. For this painting I sat in the same spot at the same time (6 AM) for 4 days, and watched the light change each day. What was blue became green as the sun rose. The plants turned from light yellow to green. Water rushed in from the ocean, and back again from the tidal flat.

I think I got it.

I tend to keep struggling with a painting until it feels right. On day 3, the water came alive. On day 4, the trees and the marsh grass fit into what was happing. I’m especially proud of the way I captured the light blue from the early morning sky reflected in the tidal water.

You are buying an original painting

I paint using gouache, watercolor, and pen and ink on Arches Hot Pressed 300 g/m2 Watercolor paper. The painting is 7" x 10" and is signed on the back.

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Beautiful print

This is a truly excellent print. The aestehtics and craftsmanship and truly top-notch. I'm delighted to have it in my home.


Since this painting depicts an iconic area of where I went to college, I have a nostalgic draw to it. But beyond that, this is a gorgeous painting that looks realistic but also artistic and a bit surreal. Michael James Freedman is an extremely talented artist and I'm very glad to have one of his prints on my wall.

Happy Memories

I love this print, it is wonderful quality, vivid and detailed. It has a nice raised New College seal too. I will treasure it and enjoy it always. Thank you.

Resembles my boy Archer so had to have it....

Resembles my boy Archer so had to have it. Great little piece — a couple of people already complimented it. Will want to work w the artist soon for a custom job!

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