Silence is Not an Option

Silence is Not an Option

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You can't hide if your message is on your back.

There's something about this protestor standing up and putting the message on her cloak that is just powerful. This was early in, when the police were lashing out at the protestors, so just standing there was an act of courage.

The painting is both small and big.

The actual image is only 14" x 10" (16" x 12" with a 1 inch border on each side), but it feels much bigger. The collectors I've talked to find it really moving, the type of work you can look at for years and still see something new. 

This is my most popular print.

I think that it might be the clarity of the message or the way the colors and imagery work together, but something about the painting appeals to people. I really love this one, and I'm just excited that I've been able to share it with so many people.

Beautiful. Just as advertised.

Traci B.           

The print itself is beautiful.

I printed this by hand on Hahnemühle German Etching 310 g/mA Paper using a top-of-the-line Epson printer with archival pigment inks that is rated for 200+years.

It's uncanny how accurately the print captures the original. I think most people expect a print to be more like a poster. In this case, it's a faithful representation of the art, with subtle layering of color. The paper itself has a soft texture, and the effect is stunning.

I am so excited to be able to offer this level of quality at a reasonable price. Everyone who has seen the prints is blown away. I want this to be a heirloom for you.

Oh, it is magnificent!!! I just stared at it. So much to see. The colors are bright and subdued at the same time. Much better in real life.
Jeanne Kilmer           

You will receive a 16” x 12” signed print. The image size is 14”x 10” with a 1" border on each side.

I am only printing 100.

Each one is signed and numbered by me. You are purchasing directly from the artist.

Limited edition prints of this quality typically cost $150 or much more.

Because I paint, scan, print, market, and ship these myself, I can keep the costs down. I'm not doing this to make money. My goal is to make great art and get it into the hands of collectors who will really appreciate it.