Monumental Protest Painting - I Can’t Breathe

Monumental Protest Painting - I Can’t Breathe

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The Black Lives Matter protests deserve a monumental painting.

This painting is based on a series of photographs and videos of the clearing of Lafayette Square in Washington, DC. There are times in our history where a confluence of forces collide and everything is made clear.

This is one of those times.

Three different police forces clear the square.

On June 1, 2020, at around 6:30 PM, members of three different police forces gathered at the edge of LaFayette Square facing off against a group of largely peaceful protesters. Using tear gas, pepper balls and stinger balls, they pushed the protesters back.

And then the president gets his picture taken holding a bible.

30 minutes later, President Trump and his entourage walked across the now-deserted square for a photo op with Trump holding a bible in front of St. John's Episcopal Church. 

This painting is both small and big.

The artwork itself is only 14" x 20", but I painted it as if it were a 7' x 10' oil painting. I used small brushes and worked on it for weeks. For example, I probably spent 5 full days on the face of the young woman who has been pepper sprayed in the front, trying to get the right look and light.

The print is drop-dead gorgeous. 

I am so excited about the quality of these prints. It's uncanny how they capture all the nuance and subtle coloration of the original. People who have seen these prints cannot believe that they are not looking at an original. It's not a poster, but rather a full representation of my vision.

I use a top-of-the-line Epson printer with pigment ink that is tested to last 200 years. I print on Hahnemühle German Etching all-cotton archival 310 g/mA Paper. The print has a 1” border on all sides so is 16" x 22". The paper has a subtle texture on it that feels soft and really captures the ink.

You are buying art, not a poster.

Each print is signed and numbered, and there are only 100 in the edition. I want these to be keepsakes that are passed on for generations.

Limited edition prints of this quality typically cost $200 or much more.

Because I paint, scan, print, market, and ship these myself, I can keep the costs down. I'm not doing this to make money. My goal is to make great art and get it into the hands of collectors who will really appreciate it.

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Hello Michael, When I returned

Hello Michael,

When I returned from my country, Ecuador, I found the painting “Monumental Protest Painting - I Can’t Breathe” that I had ordered before leaving on a trip (order 1032). Congratulations, the painting is wonderful and very well achieved from an artistic point of view , but it is also a very good and important thought and social contribution for the USA at this time. In the next few days I will be buying another painting for my son and his wife.

Thank you, congratulations.

Carlos Gil

P.S. Sorry for my English, it's very bad.

Quality in all respects: artistic,

Quality in all respects: artistic, execution, handing during shipment

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Beautiful print

This is a truly excellent print. The aestehtics and craftsmanship and truly top-notch. I'm delighted to have it in my home.


Since this painting depicts an iconic area of where I went to college, I have a nostalgic draw to it. But beyond that, this is a gorgeous painting that looks realistic but also artistic and a bit surreal. Michael James Freedman is an extremely talented artist and I'm very glad to have one of his prints on my wall.

Happy Memories

I love this print, it is wonderful quality, vivid and detailed. It has a nice raised New College seal too. I will treasure it and enjoy it always. Thank you.

Resembles my boy Archer so had to have it....

Resembles my boy Archer so had to have it. Great little piece — a couple of people already complimented it. Will want to work w the artist soon for a custom job!

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