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Michael James Freedman

Monumental Bike Protest Painting - Diptych - No Hands

Monumental Bike Protest Painting - Diptych - No Hands

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The Black Lives Matter Protests deserve monumental paintings.

This protest painting is focused on the Justice Rides in Brooklyn. Many times the rides start at Grand Army Circle and move from there to the rest of the city.

The bike protests are a perfect response to the pandemic. You keep moving, so not to infect. You keep moving, so as to reach more people. You keep moving, to keep the movement moving.

I needed two paintings to say what I needed to say.

I took what I learned from the two studies that I completed this month. This is my largest painting since coming back to art in 2020. It consists of two 20” x 14” gouache paintings for a total size of 20” x 24”. I’m really happy with the sense of movement and the energy here. My goal was to have each painting stand on its own, but the whole be larger than the parts.

These paintings may be small, but they feel big.

Each piece is 20" x 14" The artworks itself total to only 20" x 28", but I painted them as if it were a 10' x 12' oil painting. I used small brushes and worked on it for weeks.

The print is drop-dead gorgeous.

I am so excited about the quality of these prints. It's uncanny how they capture all the nuance and subtle coloration of the original. People who have seen these prints cannot believe that they are not looking at an original. It's not a poster, but rather a full representation of my vision.

I use a top-of-the-line Epson printer with pigment ink that is tested to last 200 years. I print on Hahnemühle German Etching all-cotton archival 310 g/mA Paper. These are designed to be framed or hung together. The outside of each print has a 1" border, but on the inside, I print right to the edge, so the images of each painting abut each other.

You are buying art, not a poster.

Each print is signed and numbered. I want these to be keepsakes that are passed on for generations.

Limited edition prints of this quality typically cost $300 or much more.

Because I paint, scan, print, market, and ship these myself, I can keep the costs down. I'm not doing this to make money. My goal is to make great art and get it into the hands of collectors who will really appreciate it.

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