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Heron's View - Coxsackie - Original

Heron's View - Coxsackie - Original

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The Hudson River is beautiful.

This is a quick gouache sketch of the Hudson river at Coxsackie. I was trying to capture the reflection of the sky on the water, and the different saturation from the trees that were only a few hundred feet vs those that were much farther away. Painting moving water is particularly challenging, because it’s, well, moving. And the tides on the Hudson, even up here, swing many feet four times a day, so the angle of the dock was different by the time I finished the drawing.

This is a sweet little painting.

The actual drawing is small, 12” x 9”. I’m trying to work a small drawing with details as if it were a larger canvas.

You are buying an original painting

I paint using gouache, watercolor, and pen and ink on Arches Hot Pressed 300 g/m2 Watercolor paper. The painting is 12" x 9" and is signed on the back.